Louise DINSMORE - for School Committee

Louise led the Richmond Republican Town Committee for the 2022 campaign cycle. Her efforts led to conservative victories for both Richmond school committee seats up for grabs; her efforts also helped elect 3 Republicans to the town council. Louise wants to bring her leadership skills and passion for success to the Chariho School Committee. She envisions an educational system that positions students for success. Over the last two years, her focus has been to provide a voice for the taxpayers, because TAXPAYERS MATTER!

Clay JOHNSON - for School Committee

Clay served on the Chariho School committee from 2017 to 2020. As the lone conservative on a 12 member board, the ability to effect change was limited. In 2022, five seats were won by conservatives. With the departure of one of the liberals, Clay was appointed and brought balance to the board, with a 6-6 split. The left was so enraged, that they waged a war to the Rhode Island Supreme Court. Based on an appointment technicality, unrelated to Clay's service, the appointment was nullified. During his appointed tenure, there were much more reasonable outcomes. The budget request was lowered from 6% to 1.74$, and there was ZERO talk of a $150 million dollar megabond.

Clay looks forward to representing Richmond as part of a conservative majority, where all discussions will focus on the investments made by the taxpayers. Student achievement will be prioritized, and bullying will be treated seriously and rooted out.